Eco Simulator


EcoSim is a 3D virtual ecosystem that simulates several types of organisms undergoing the process of natural selection. The natural selection simulation starts with organisms which have a set of randomly determined traits, such as size and number of offspring, among others. These organisms reproduce (either sexually or asexually depending on the type of organism) and pass on their traits to their offspring with slight alterations or mutations. There are several types of organisms: plants, which cannot move and reproduce asexually; herbivores, which eat plants and require another herbivore to reproduce; and carnivores, which chase after and eat herbivores and require another carnivore to reproduce. This simulation allows for simple and complex organisms, simple being plants, complex being mobile organisms such as our herbivores and carnivores which both have working memories and have complex behaviors, can support hundreds of these organisms. In order to make the virtual ecosystem fit into a virtual world, networking was implemented to allow users to connect to a server, select a character, move around the ecosystem, spawn organisms of their own, and modify organism traits at runtime.You can read about our documentation here.


Virtual Worlds Course Project
at WWU


Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

Tools Used

Unity3D - C# / Blender



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