Medical Diagnostic Training Application


Our focus with this project was on generating a realistic patient diagnosis scenario in a simplistic environment, with procedurally generated patients that have rich and diverse backgrounds. These backgrounds may include relationships, traits passed down to a patient, and acquired traits, a history of ailments, dispositons, etc. An example of a patient generated by our system could a patient named Fred Ward. Fred is allergic to peanuts, has a wife and two kids, and gets regular exercise. His kids expose him to cold and flu fairly regularly and he has a higher risk of getting diabetes because his mother had it. This system is an automated solution for generating complex patient data rapidly in a valid manner, and free of human intervention. The goal of this generated scenario research is to determine if digital scenario generation is an efficient tool for training medical students. You can read over the technical document here.


Research at WWU


Sep 2020 - Jun 2021

Tools Used

Unity3D - C# / Unity Collab / Blender / Visual Studio



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